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GVOC Grants for Groups (Gateshead)

Usually up to £500. VCSE. No deadline specified

This Fund is designed to be accessed by both new groups and more established voluntary organisations working in the Gateshead area. The Fund is committed to supporting local groups that deliver valuable opportunities, support and help to the people in their communities.
It will support life-long learning in its widest sense; although it will support formal qualifications/courses, it will also support informal learning experiences/projects.
Part of the funding has been ring-fenced for learning experiences to specifically benefit young people between the ages of 11 and 25 years; for this section the applications should demonstrate positive involvement of young people in the ideas, activities and work.
A small amount of the Fund is not connected to learning experiences and can be accessed under the general aim "to assist voluntary and community groups in Gateshead" (please note funds for this section are limited). Match funding will be considered.
It is expected the Fund will run until the end of the year.


Source: FINE

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(page updated 16 April 2014)